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Terms of Service

A: Introduction 

1. These Terms of Service reflect the relevant regulation and agreements between you and COCO GAMES, regarding service usage and participation in COCO GAMES METAPANG GAME.

2. By using COCO GAMES' services, it is considered that you agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy provided by us.

3. Because COCO GAMES offers a variety of services, additional terms and conditions may apply for certain services (e.g. participation in the METAPANG game), and additional action may be required. (e.g., provisions relating to handling violations) If you use the service in such cases, additional terms and/or separate terms of use of the service will also be part of the contract you have entered into with COCO GAMES.

4.  The sevices provided to you are provided by COCO GAMES itself, and COCO GAMES is not responsible for any services that is not provided by COCO GAMES.


B: Concepts and Definitions

1. "Terms of Service" : It means both the current META PANG's Terms of Service and any future amendments and supplements.

2."METAPANG" is a GameFi - Play To Earn product, which is unique to COCO GAMES. COCO GAMES' NFT product is currently only one, but it will update more various NFT product in the future. 

3. "Account" means the Google account used for the METAPANG game.


C: Join the game with a Google account

1. If you participate in META PANG with a Google account, you are fully responsible for the maintenace and security of that account, COCO GAMES is not responsible for any related issues and also is not obligated to help solve the problem.

2. You must take reasonable steps to protect your account, and are responsible for all activities taken with your account.

3. COCO GAMES may restrict and warn infringing content by taking technical measures necessary to guarantee the terms and conditions of use, and also may immediately remove infringing content without prior notice.

4. COCO GAMES reserves the right to lock your account(Wallet) and suspend all services if you violate any prohibited acts mentioned in these Terms and Conditions.


D: Prohibited acts in META PANG

1. Attempting to obstruct, infiltrate on the META PANG system, and unauthorized access.

2. Exploitation of METAPANG resources, such as taking personal advantage with security loopholes and game errors.

3. Intentionally changing/forging METAPANG content using Hack/Cheat or other software.


E: Limitation of liability and disclaimer of warranty

1. COCO GAMES is committed to providing you with reasonable rights and services to the extent recognized by law.

2. COCO GAMES will take the necessary technical measures to support you in your experience and participation in METAPANG. However, in unexpected cases, service interruption or errors (bugs) may occur, in which case COCO GAMES will take all necessary actions (within capability). COCO GAMES should try to resolve it as soon as possible, and you acknowledge and agree to COCO GAMES' immunity from all related responsibilities.

3. COCOGMAES will protect your account information and data and take the necessary steps to do so. However, no system is absolutely safe and resistant to all attacks, hacks, and cheats. Therefore, if COCOGAMES' system is attacked, hacked, or cheated so your account information and data are exposed, COCO GAMES will take immediate action to minimize the impact on you.

4.In the event that illegal mining is detected by moving between NFT accounts for an unfair purpose, such as increasing the number of games that can be mined between accounts, measures such as permanent ID suspension and in-game wallet use and confiscation are implemented.

5. You are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions associated with these adjustments and changes when you obtain PANGCOIN, a reward for a product (METAPANG, all functions or levels, potion, monsters, adventure mode) and participate in a METAPANG game or use products and services provided by COCOGAMES. You acknowledge and agree to the disclaimer of COCO GAMES in all related responsibilities.


F: Support

1. All necessary support in the process of participating in the METAPANG game will be provided through the official channel posted on the website.

2. COCO GAMES will NEVER ask you to share your security code(Wallet), we are not responsible for any problems arising from your sharing of this information with others.


G Effect of application and revision

1. You agree that COCO GAMES has the right to amend and supplement some or all of these Terms of Use without your prior consent. If you do not agree with the modifications and supplements, you may terminate your participation in the METAPANG game and service before the modifications and complements are completed. If you continue to use the service or participate in the METAPANG game, it is deemed that you have agreed to all of these modifications and additions.

2. These Terms and Conditions shall become effective from the moment you participate in METAPANG and use any other services provided by us.

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