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  • Why do I suffer connection issues when playing the game?
    You may experience game connection difficulties, especially if you are in South Korea. We advise you to connect to a VPN best suited for your mobile device when playing MetaPang to resolve this issue.
  • Why should I connect my MetaPang wallet to MetaMask?
    You need to connect your in-game wallet via private key to MetaMask to transfer your asset from the game. This is also required when interacting with PancakeSwap.
  • I just purchased a weapon but it did not appear in my inventory. What should I do?
    If you purchased a weapon but didn't receive it in your inventory, you need to wait about 10 -12 min without exiting the page. This is also applicable if you purchase a second weapon subsequently.
  • Will there be any issues if I withdraw to MetaMask before depositing to exchanges?
    You can withdraw your MetaPang assets to MetaMask first and deposit them to an exchange afterward.
  • What about if I don't want to link my MetaPang wallet to MetaMask?
    If you want to deposit to exchanges without linking your in-game wallet to MetaMask, you need to manually contact the respective exchange directly and send a screenshot of your assets.
  • How much Binance Coin (BNB) should I have in my wallet to make MetaPang transactions?
    MetaPang shooters need BNB for various transactions. For instance, when purchasing weapons, users need to have above 0.1 BNB. Users must have more than 0.1 BNB for swaps, deposits, and withdrawals. Since fees can also change depending on real-time BNB price, we advise users to store an extra amount in their wallets.

MetaPang Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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