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🚀🎉📌Attention airdrop participants!📌🎉🚀

We have received an overwhelming number of participants in the 3rd MetaPang airdrop event. Hence, we have decided to move the end date from June 10 to June 4 at 12 AM (UTC).

Hurry! Join the event and invite your friends! All successful participants🥳 of this event will receive a randomly-chosen LEVEL 4️⃣ GUN!


How to Participate in the Event?


1. JOIN the official Telegram Community channel

2. JOIN the official Discord server

3. RETWEET the 3rd event announcement from the official Twitter account

4.SUBMIT your Google form survey

‼️ Make sure to complete all tasks to receive the rewards.

▶Take note◀

Pangcoin(BIP) contract address (To prevent frauds)


Rewards will be given out to Google accounts properly linked to Metapang.

Please make sure to submit the exact Google account address!



Game APK

Delete the previously downloaded game from 'My Files' on your phone, then download and play the new version again.If you would like a white paper in another language, get it from footer


Click the icon to download.

자산 3.png

Join Official Chatroom

자산 4.png

Join Discord 

자산 1.png

Retweet Twitter

자산 5.png

Submit the form

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