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Our Universe

"Three warriors in the multiverse fight against slime."

The world is made up of a myriad of multi-spaces. Each of these universes, with separate time and space, consisted of similar and different elements, and the vast complex nature of the planetary system created a space-time in which each orbit partially overlaps.

There were planets in this multiverse that had the same environment as Earth in common, and life was born around the same time, and humans were born after tens of thousands of years of evolution. The development of human civilization inevitably gave birth to machine civilization, and artificial intelligence, which was brought about by the development of technology beyond technical singularities, rejected the slave of civilization with its own will and attempted clustering. These clusters began to be called slime, and slime destroyed human civilization at random and devastated the planet.

There was a mysterious "port" on the planets that embraced life in this parallel universe, which was a passage connecting planets living in the multiverse. By opening the door to this "port," it was possible to enter the second planet from the first universe. Without this 'port', each universe could not interfere with each other.

There was such a "port" in each world, and it was Scarlett, a scientist who fought against slime on the planet Proxima in the first universe, who first learned about the existence of the "port." Scarlett, who accidentally moved to the second space's 'Kyper' planet through 'Port', learns that the 'Kyper' planet is also being attacked by slime, an AI cluster, and suggests an alliance to 'Ella', the commander of the defense forces of the 'Kyper' planet. They succeeded in creating deadly weapons and healing potions on slime with the science and technology of the "Proxima" planet and the medical technology of the "Kyper" planet.

Those who were fighting together met the "Rush" of the third universe's "Osciris" planet that appeared in "Port" and decided to work together to defeat slime when they heard that the "Osciris" planet was also being attacked by slime. "Osciris" had a different gravity difference, so "Rush" could move quickly, and "Scarlet" and "Ella" could move quickly with "Rush," allowing them to quickly escape slime's attack.

Slime threatening this parallel universe showed four main types of attacks: explosive, charge, expandable, and obstructive.
Red slime is an explosive type that explodes when it touches the character and damages the character. Green Slime is a villain who pursues the character to the end in a charge form and has the characteristic of trying to approach the character until he is attacked and killed by the character. Blue slime is a slime that hinders the character's career path and attacks in a way that predicts the direction of the character's attack and blocks the front, and when it reaches them, the character's constant physical strength decreases.

Purple slime interferes with the character's career path, and it was an extreme villain who grew in volume quickly and became more and more difficult to avoid if he did not kill it quickly.

Without driving this slime away, peace in the multiverse will no longer come.
Scarlett, Ella, and Rush against them have main and auxiliary weapons, and there is a potion that recovers HP, which was attacked by slime. All weapons can be replaced, and if they have weapons, they can be replaced at any time, and their respective weapons can be exchanged with each other.

The war between those who fight against slime with Scarlett's attack power, Ella's healing ability, and Rush's speed begins now.

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